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A philosophy of the
modern gentleman

Dapperism - A mens lifestyle magazine

Dapperism started out as a personal project and quickly grew to a full blown undertaking. I developed the branding, designed the website and worked as the editor-in-chief. To lighten some of the workload I worked with freelance writers remotely throughout the country to feature original content pertaining to mens fashion and the Dapperism lifestyle. “How to shave with a straight razor” and “How to build a man cave” are just some of the subjects we covered on an ongoing basis.

Aside from writing articles, I also managed all the content creation from the social side and put out a short promotional film called “The Pipe Ritual” set in the classy black and white  style. Although the blogging days are not as crazy as they once were, Dapperism caught a lot of attention for only being a one man operation.

At its peak, Dapperism.com was hitting over 20,000 unique visitors monthly. Freelance writers turned into influencers, brands asked to be featured on Dapperism and product samples began arriving regularly for review. Dapperism ran consistently, posting content daily from 2012 until 2016. Dapperism.com is now defunct.

Maverick Sporting Club

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Luxury meets
sporting adventurer

Maverick Sporting Club - Branding for a unique members-only experience.

Worked closely with the company founder, creative director and lead designer to create branding and identity for an exclusive sporting club catering to the affluent adventurer. Maverick Sporting Club offers limited access membership for recreation and relaxation in some of the most remote and beautiful destinations in the world. With a crunched timeframe, we developed several concepts and ultimately created an entire brand identity package along with branded promotional materials.

The winning touch for the brand launch was a set of luxurious presentation boxes we designed, printed and assembled by hand. Each contained a business card, pitch book and folder which held several destination guides for the respective Maverick experiences. The reception was exceptional and the branded boxes helped make a serious impression on the client and the club’s founding members.

Agency: CraterDust

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Google Jamboard

Art Direction  |  Design 

Google’s interactive

Google Jamboard - Demo content creation and storyboarding for training series.

Worked with creative director/storyboard artist and a team of designers to support a training video series for Google Jamboard. Helped develop and create interactive assets to be used by on-camera talent.

Jamboard is a collaborative product from Google which is essentially a reimagined whiteboard with a 4K display and hardware that runs Google’s GSuite. With Jamboard still in its early stages, Google needed an extensive library of training videos to support new customers.

We were able to provide on-screen design support for actors to “jam” with and demonstrate the product’s vast capabilities.  The training series was tabled so the final work was not used, but a great opportunity nonetheless.

Agency: CraterDust

*Images are property of CraterDust. All work shown above was created while employed at the agency. ©2019 CraterDust.


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More than
meets the eye

Kamstrup’s AMI campaign - A human touch in a digital world.

Worked with marketing manager and creative team to develop an integrated advertising campaign for Kamstrup Water Metering featuring creative across print advertising, digital advertising and social media. 

Beginning with sketches of public parks, scale models were hand built by the creative director and fabrication partner to create the whimsical and charming look for the campaign. Each park model was photographed and composited onto 3d rendered Kamstrup meters which became the featured imagery for the launch. I also illustrated a set of custom icons to highlight features of Kamstrup’s AMI technology.

The campaign was advertised throughout trade publications nationally as well as on their US website and social media channels.

Agency: CraterDust

*Images are property of CraterDust. All work shown above was created while employed at the agency. ©2019 CraterDust.

Technology Association of Georgia

Art Direction  |  Design 

The Summit

Technology Association of Georgia - Live presentation at The Summit event

Along with the creative director and design team, I worked with Technology Association of Georgia to create support graphics for presentation at The Summit event held annually in Atlanta. Attended by prominent C-level executives, entrepreneurs and industry leaders from around the world, we were asked to support the keynote speakers presentation. The project required the team to work onsite at the event within tight windows of time to tackle this unique challenge.

The Summit held discussions centered around Acquiring, Inspiring, Developing and Retaining Talent within the technology industry. Notes from each breakout session were assembled and used to inform presentation graphics for the final speakers. Over thirty icons, page layouts and infographics were created by myself and team for supporting the keynote presentation.

Agency: CraterDust

©2019 CraterDust. Images are property of CraterDust. All work shown above was created while employed at the agency.