Maverick Sporting Club

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Luxury meets
sporting adventurer

Maverick Sporting Club - Branding for a unique members-only experience.

Worked closely with the company founder, creative director and lead designer to create branding and identity for an exclusive sporting club catering to the affluent adventurer. Maverick Sporting Club offers limited access membership for recreation and relaxation in some of the most remote and beautiful destinations in the world. With a crunched timeframe, we developed several concepts and ultimately created an entire brand identity package along with branded promotional materials.

The winning touch for the brand launch was a set of luxurious presentation boxes we designed, printed and assembled by hand. Each contained a business card, pitch book and folder which held several destination guides for the respective Maverick experiences. The reception was exceptional and the branded boxes helped make a serious impression on the client and the club’s founding members.

Agency: CraterDust

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