Drago Gear

Art Direction  |  Copywriting

Ready for
your mission

Drago Gear - Commercial spot for a rugged line of tactical gear bags.

Worked with Drago Gear, a tactical gear bag company based out of South Florida, to develop a 30 second commercial to broadcast on Trigger Time, a show featured on The Outdoor Channel.

I worked with creative director and marketing manager to develop the concept and write the treatment that told a story from the perspective of special operators in a training scenario. Then we worked with the director and production company on location at a law enforcement training shoot house to capture the story. Featuring their product line of rifle bags, range bags and packs being put to the test, the segment starts and ends on a stopwatch to signify Drago Gear’s tagline, Ready For Your Mission. After the shoot wrapped, we worked with the production team and voice over talent to finalize a high energy edit that showcased the rugged gear.

Agency: CraterDust
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