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Dapperism - A mens lifestyle magazine

Dapperism started out as a personal project and quickly grew to a full blown undertaking. I developed the branding, designed the website and worked as the editor-in-chief. To lighten some of the workload I worked with freelance writers remotely throughout the country to feature original content pertaining to mens fashion and the Dapperism lifestyle. “How to shave with a straight razor” and “How to build a man cave” are just some of the subjects we covered on an ongoing basis.

Aside from writing articles, I also managed all the content creation from the social side and put out a short promotional film called “The Pipe Ritual” set in the classy black and white  style. Although the blogging days are not as crazy as they once were, Dapperism caught a lot of attention for only being a one man operation.

At its peak, Dapperism.com was hitting over 20,000 unique visitors monthly. Freelance writers turned into influencers, brands asked to be featured on Dapperism and product samples began arriving regularly for review. Dapperism ran consistently, posting content daily from 2012 until 2016. Dapperism.com is now defunct.