My name is Graham Gibbs. I am an art director with a strong designer background who specializes in advertising, digital media, animation, video, copywriting, and illustration. With over 13 years of professional experience in ad agencies, in-house firms, and freelancing, I've gained a valuable perspective in both traditional and modern methodologies. I am a hard worker and a proven collaborator who takes initiative with an autonomous drive and efficient processes to deliver results on time, every time.

I understand the challenges of capturing + retaining the interest of those with attention spans of goldfish. Through several years of cutting my teeth and wearing many hats, I've honed other applicable chops in the field: making gains in team management, process development, client relations, and conflict resolution.

From years in the field, I feel at home in stressful environments with tight deadlines. Though drinking from a firehose is not my preference, I know how to manage scope and timelines along with scalable budgets so no one gets screwed when it’s go-time.

The heyday of Mad Men are over and the old school ways are just that, old. Many creatives out there are stuck in outdated approaches, pushing out the equivalent of what I would call "mental popcorn".
It is an unfortunate reality we’re bugged with daily. An ad is an ad is an ad, and oftentimes flagged as spam thus blocked all together. My work aims to offer a fresh perspective and an edge that sets brands apart from the forgettable.

Don't settle for being fleeced by the hot shots or underwhelmed by rookies. I’ve always fought for creating the best work possible even if it meant battling with my team internally, compromising with clients and vendors, or simply helping motivate everyone to give a damn. I have a history of collaborating well with teams big and small, and all I want is to make you happy with what we can create together.

So don’t get ghosted, left on read, or flicked past in a millisecond. Let's make some genuinely cool work that cuts through the noise, turns heads, and hits the mark.

When I’m not working, I play drums in a metal band with my brother and good friend Matt — we released our first record a couple years back and are working on the second. I also enjoy hiking with my dog named Oscar and have a profound love for the outdoors. You can often find me at various live shows (loud music or podcast comedians) in the Atlanta area or rock hounding in North Georgia with my sweetheart.