A Philosophy of the Modern Gentleman

Dapperism.com is the Modern Gentleman’s source for Current Style, Art, News & Fashion. As Founder & Editor-in-chief of Dapperism, I oversee all art direction and project management associated with the brand.

Dapperism presents an editorial guide of current style, art, news and fashion for the modern man. Among the fashion blogs and lifestyle magazines, we see a principle in the art of appearance to be expanded upon in the mind of the refined man.

The trend, the fit or that certain look is the outward projection of the stylish man. The suit doesn’t make the man. The man makes the suit. The designers, manufacturers and the pioneers of fashion are here because he is here. And that is the true nature of his impression.

Founded in May of 2012, Dapperism identifies a philosophy of the modern gentleman as an ideal to explore in our reach and to draw from the influences among us who relate to this publication.

Credit: Art Direction, Copywriting, Digital, Content Creation, Branding
Client: Dapperism, Inc.

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